Bessemer City Community Garden

Our mission for the Bessemer City Community Garden is to provide a common space to grow fruits and vegetables while cultivating community within Bessemer City by reconciling the people with each other and the people with land using sustainable agriculture techniques supported by a cooperative of dedicated citizens, faith communities, local merchants, and city governments that desire to reconnect with each other through the shared love of gardening.


  1. Business sponsorship of each bed- whether or not it is one that has a subscription: sponsorship would pay for seeds, plants, water (set fees per bed for sponsor-ships)
  2. Red, white, and blue garden using native NC plants – honoring US Service personnel: preferably using native wildflowers rescued from local building sites
  3. Involve the Bessemer City Crisis Center and possibly United Way as partners and recipient of some of the produce or funds from sale of locally grown produce (possibly name one of the beds for the center)
  4. Garden LayoutInclude peripheral beds (not part of the 100 X 100 original garden plan that have in-season produce planted in quantity – vegetables for home use for those in need and who will pick them
  5. Produce harvested by members/subscribers from their own or sponsored plots that is not for their own use will be sold and monies used to perpetuate the garden’s growth – produce not sold will be donated to local food pantries, including the Bessemer City Crisis Center
  6. Main Signage: include name, who’s in the cooperative, hours (recommend dawn to dusk as there will be no lighting provided)
  7. Fundraising
  8. Honorees or Supporters: solicited or notified e.g., Central School Apartments; Boys and Girls Club; churches, Bessemer City Christian Ministerial Alliance
  9. Accessible to all abilities (the central garden – the 100 X 100 should be handicapped assess-able)
  10. Children’s Flower and Vegetable gardens
  11. Focus on recycle, reuse, re-purpose, reclaim
  12. Invite local beekeeper to maintain a hive or two behind the tool shed.
  13. Subscribed untended plots will be worked by volunteers as needed and the produce divided between the Bessemer City Crisis Center and Bessemer City Boys and Girls Club to be sold or given away.